Keynote Speech by Doug Gleddie and Hayley

Morrison Moving with Purpose: For Kids, For You, For Your Program!

Build Your Toolbox

At the OST 2020 Virtual Conference, this interactive session featured activities and strategies to implement activity into your program by implementing the AMA Youth Run Club. Participants of this session will leave with the expertise to incorporate physical activity through games and activities.

Medicine, Protocols and Songs

In our 2020 Virtual OST Conference, this session was used as a discussion around the different medicines used for smudging, the importance of protocol, and how songs are prayers.

Creating an Inclusive Summer Camp Experience

So, you are about to start your summer camp and are curious about how best to support kids with disabilities. This session will discuss the importance of inclusion while providing concrete ideas to make your summer programming welcoming and inclusive for kids with developmental disabilities.

Supporting Child Safety 2020

All children have a right to be safe, and adults need to effectively respond to disclosures of harm. This workshop will examine child maltreatment, family violence, safety, community resources, and duty to report. Participants will gain knowledge and skills to recognize, respond, support, and if necessary, report concerns of maltreatment.